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Ravizza Impianti e Forniture Industriali

Dedicated to your plants for more than 60 years
Since the 1950s we have been present and active on the Italian market as the sole agents and distributors working exclusively with prominent foreign companies, each one a leader in its own field.
This basic choice has proven to be a winning one, both during the post war period of the Italian industrialisation and later on, when increasing international competition led to a higher standard of quality.
Some companies have been long standing partners of ours, with a co-operation that has lasted decades. With other companies, we have been working together for a shorter period but with successful results. With all of them we enjoy a deep co-operation based on a mutual trust and autonomy which, together with our experience and expertise, allows us to offer a valuable technical and commercial service to our Italian customers.
In the course of the years some partnerships have come to an end as a consequence of reorganisation processes within multinational groups. However the relevant contacts and experiences are retained as evidence of our capabilities and are made available to our clients.


Ravizza is composed of an experienced team of engineers, with solid technical competence, able to assist their customers in selecting the most suitable products for the specific needs of their plants and processes. We provide customers with constant support, in all the project steps, from the feasibility study to the start-up of the equipment. We provide assistance even after the supply and commissioning of the machines, coordinating maintenance activities of the technicians of our representatives and through the supply of original spare parts.

To co-operate as representative or distributor exclusively with providers holding impeccable references and universally known to be leaders in their field, and who are thus fully furnished with the necessary know-how.
To identify the technical, commercial and operational needs of our customers and thus be considered a valid partner both before and after the fulfillment of a contract.
A successful approach and working method, as proved from the continuous and fruitful technical and commercial cooperation with Italian Clients including, as an example:
AbbVie, ACS Dobfar, Agip, Akzo Nobel, Alfa Intes, Alstom, Ansaldo, Antibioticos, Api, Aquafil, Arsonsisi, AstraZeneca, A2A, Baltea, Barilla, Basell, Basf, Baxter, Bayer, Bidachem, Bitossi, Borregaard, Bracco, Bristol Myers Squibb, Buzzi Unicem, Caffaro, Cameo, Cargill, Caviro, Chemtex, Chiesi Farmaceutici, Ciba, Colorobbia, Cosma, Danieli, Danone, Demag, Desmet Ballestra, Dow, DSM, Edipower, Edison, ENEL, ENI, Enichem, E.ON, Erg, Esso, Europolveri, Eurotecnica, Evonik, Ferrero, FIS, FLSmidth, Foster Wheeler Italiana, Galbani, GE, GEA, Gelco, Gentium, Great Lakes, BPB, Henkel, Hera, Idreco, IES, Ilva, Imerys, ImiFabi, Inco, Inver, Iren, Iris Ceramica, Italcementi, Italgelatine, Italiana Coke, Italmatch, Jacobs, Johnson Matthey, Kedrion, Kirchner Italia, Knauf, Kraft, KTI, Labochim, Lactalis, Lamberti, Laviosa, Loacher, L'Oreal, Lucchini, Lurgi, Luzenac, Maffei, Manucor, Mapei, Matrica, Mineraria Baritina, Mineraria Sacilese, Nestlè, Novamont, Nuovo Pignone, Omya, Perfetti, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Plada, Polioli, Polynt, PPG, Procter & Gamble, Prontofoods, Pulverit, Radici, Riva, Rockwood, Rohm & Haas, Roquette, Saint Gobain, Saipem, Sandoz, Sanofi, Sarpom, Sasol, Serono, Sipcam, SIS, Sisas, Snamprogetti, Snia, Sofinter Macchi, Solvay, SPIG, Stab. Testa, STF, Technip, Tecnimont, Termokimik, Tioxide, Tosi, Uhdenora, Umbria Filler, Unicalce, Veneta Mineraria, Versalis, Vinavil, Zambon....
Ravizza & C - Impianti e forniture industriali via F. Filzi 5 - 20124 Milano
Tel.0266986777 - Fax 026690035
e.mail: info@ravizza.it